SciFeyeCandy One year membership subscription!

SciFeyeCandy One year membership subscription!




The perfect gift for any underwear lover that gives all year long!! 

Also great for Patreon content creators. 


With the purchase of this listing you will receive a subscription for a new pair of SciFeyeCandy undies in the size of your choosing every month for 12 months! Plus random bonus goodies!!! You will receive a total of 16 pairs of undies! Retail value over $500! 


This offer is limited to 15 subscribers for the year. 


You will receive 16 pair of underwear in total, that includes:
9 pair of full back panties 
3 thongs. 
Plus an additional 4+ random Underwear gifts! 
Members also receive a membership card that can be used to save 10% off any in person purchases at Conventions or Craft shows!


Every month it will be a something different. Some months it will be our newest styles, other months it will be one of our best sellers.

There will be designs that are exclusive to our Panty subscribers! <3


The fun part is the surprise! 

Underwear Size Chart: 

26" finished waist elastic 34-36"hips

28" finished waist elastic 36-38" hips

30" finished waist elastic 38-40" hips

32" finished waist elastic 40-42" hips

34" finished waist elastic 42-44" hips

36" finished waist elastic 44-46" hips


  • FAQ

    Q: What style of underwear are these?
    A: The PANTIES are your choice of a LOW-RISE HIPSTER cut with FULL BUM coverage or a MID-RISE HIPSTER cut with FULL BUM coverage.
         The THONGS are a LOW-RISE lace waist thong. 


    Q:When will my monthly subscription ship?
    A: Subscriptions will ship in the first week of each month starting from the first week of the following month. For example, orders placed in November will ship the first week of December. This includes orders placed on the first of month, these orders will ship the first week of the following month. 


    Q: What if I want to cancel before the end of the subscription?
    A:You are free to cancel at any time. We will refund you the prorated amount based on how many months are remaining in your subscription. 


    Q:What if I want to pause or suspend my subscription?
    A:We will not allow pausing or suspending of subscriptions, should you find you no longer want the subscription you are welcome to transfer your subscription to another person or cancel the subscription at any time. Please refer to the questions regarding cancellation and transferring subscriptions.


    Q:What if my size changes?
    A:Contact us with your new measurements and we will be happy to accommodate your new size on future panties. Unfortunately previously sent panties are ineligible for exchange due to the intimate nature of the garment.


    Q: What if I don't wear thongs? 
    A: Mention it when the listing is purchased and we will send you alternate pairs of panties when in place of the thongs.


    Q: What if I don't wear panties?
    A: Mention it when the listing is purchased and we will send you an alternate thong when we send out subscribers panties.


    Q: What if I change address?
    A: Be sure to let us know as soon as you can and we will update the shipping details for all future shipments. If that month's subscription is already in transit you will need to make arrangements to pick it up from the previous shipping address. If you are unable to pick up the package, be sure that you make the arrangements to have it forwarded to your new location. 


    Q:What happens if that month's subscription is returned to sender?
    A: We will contact you to let you know it has be returned to us and include it in the next month's shipment. 


    Q:What if I don't like the panties or thong I receive that month? Can I exchange them for another pair?
    A: No, unfortunately due to the intimate nature of these garments we will not allow exchanges. Let us know what you dislike and we will come together to find a resolution that leaves everyone satisfied. 


    Q: What if my panties don't arrive? Will I receive any kind of tracking? 
    A: Let us know. Your monthly subscription will be shipped with insurance and tracking. In the unlikely event that you panties do not arrive we refer you to read our shop policies for orders valuing over $40. 


    Q: Can my subscription be transferred to another person?
    A: Yes, you will need to include all the contact, email. shipping address and sizing information for the person who is taking over your subscription. We will not send anything out until we've received a confirmation communication with the new subscriber. 


    Q:Can my friend and I share a subscription?
    A:No, to avoid potential confusion regarding sizing and shipping locations subscriptions we will not allow sharing. If you wish to "share" you may make arrangements to transfer the subscription halfway during the year. 


    Q: What if I don't fit the sizes in the size chart? Can I get custom sizing?
    A: Yes, all SciFeyeCandy panties are available in made to order sizing. Customization's may be subject to a one time drafting fee depending on the request. 


    Q: What if I want a different style of panty, like High-waisted or Cheeky back? Can I get them instead?
    A: Yes, however the cost of the subscription may vary due to these being major pattern design changes. 

    Q: Can you custom make my panties with a "Scrunch-butt"?
    A: Yes, this is a minor pattern design change and can be accommodated in your subscription.


    If your questions weren't answered here please feel free send us a message. 

    We suggest reading our shop policies prior to making purchases.